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Five ways to help your child manage Facebook

1.       Sign up for your own Facebook account, work out how to make a few friends and spend a couple of hours navigating your way around.

2.       Find the privacy settings in the drop down menu by clicking on ‘Account' in the top right hand corner on the page. Facebook organises privacy settings into ‘Everyone', ‘Friends of friends', ‘Friends only' and ‘Customise', which can restrict access to an individual or small group.

3.       Search for your child online yourself. You may find that their profile information including their name, photo, and a list of names and photos of all their friends, can be accessed by anyone with a computer.

4.       Then, ask your child to show you how their privacy settings are configured and find out whether they understand them.

5.       Also ask them to show you how to block someone, how to refuse a friend request from a stranger and how to un-tag themselves from other people's photos; that is, take their searchable name off an image.